A Change Will Do You Good…

Since I was a student, and have been an instructor, for so many years, I have always loved September, and the idea of new beginnings, a new term, new textbooks.  Usually the summer is not the season of changes, but this year things were different.  I was ready to relax on our newly leveled patio (thanks Aaron!), and chill my way through my vacation.  Our lovely dog Chica enjoyed the outdoor space and slept there very comfortably for a couple of weeks.  I was spending a lot of time with her because she was occasionally having seizures due to her brain tumor, and I didn’t want to leave her alone.

After almost 15 years of good health, the last 11 1/2 of which were spent with us, we lost our dear girl.  While it was hard, we’d been preparing for a long time, and up until the last 24 hours of her life, Chica still had a great quality of life.

Because the Mitsubishi Pajero was bought to accommodate Chica, and we have so many great memories of her with her head out the window – ears flapping in the breeze and eyes blinking against the wind – we decided to buy a new car and let someone else clean and detail the old one.  It’s a Nissan Juke and a lot of fun to drive.  Well, the back seat of the new car was untouched for a week or so before we started letting our new dog, Gypsy, ride back there!  We survived a respectable two weeks without a dog.

Gypsy is a sweet mellow 8 year old mixed breed rescue from the SPCA, partially deaf, and extremely easy-going.  She is totally relaxed around other dogs, kids, and our cats.  She has already settled in after a mere week, adjusting seamlessly, and is currently curled up on her new plush bed while I’m working.  As one of the neighbourhood kids said after telling me he was sorry about Chica: “now it’s Gypsy’s turn.”  Indeed.  And what a great companion she is turning out to be.

So…a new patio, a new car, and a new dog.  It might be mistaken for a mid-life crisis, but it’s just the shifting pattern of life events and the result of being actively engaged in the possibilities that present themselves.