The Inspiration that is Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt played at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre recently and put on an excellent show.  She is a fantastic guitar player and her voice has lost none of its perfection.  She has such respect for other songwriters and musicians.  Colin James joined her on the stage for a couple of songs.

Bonnie Raitt is 62 years old!  I only hope I’m half as cool NOW, let alone when I’m in my sixties.  Her most recent album is titled Slipstream and it is fantastic.

I also saw Heart at the P.N.E. last weekend.  The Wilson sisters must be in their mid to late fifties by my calculations.  I bought the Dreamboat Annie album when I was in high school.

Seeing these older women actively touring and entertaining is a true treat.  When I was younger, the only women role models in music were the Runaways, Suzi Quatro, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, and Heart.  Speaking of the Runaways, Joan Jett still sounds and looks awesome – I saw her at the P.N.E. last year.  Other than an appearance on the television show Midsummer Murders, I’m not sure what Quatro is doing these days.

It gives me hope that times are changing and women are valued for their experience and accomplishments in a way that was not the case just a couple of decades ago.  Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.


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