The Three Amigos

Pictured here are “Little Little” “Little Big” and “Eggroll.”  For some reason the fourth fire-bellied toad (Squeak) is always ostracized in the far reaches of the tank by this thick-as-thieves group.  What did he ever do to them?  Toad politics are incomprehensible to we mere humans.



Masked Intruder

This visitor, who has appeared on the fence a couple of days in a row now (I can tell, because he has one ear that’s sort of shredded), is looking in the window, eyeing up the bearded dragons in the tank on the other side of the glass.  I wonder if he thinks they might actually be appetizing?  I hope he comes back.Image

Remain Curious


Remain curious.  That’s a lesson I learned from my grandma Eunice.  She was always interested in things, always on the go until she neared the end of her life.  She was never bored.  She might have had a contained life, geographically speaking, but she had a big life in terms of how she embraced things and projected this outward.  Balance action and reflection, the external and the internal.

Wet Springs Eternal

Wasn’t last year’s spring rainy too?  Summer has yet to arrive.  However, the benefits of a wet spring are lush greenery and a riot of colour as everything went into hyper-growth mode.  I love the way there is more of everything each year due to self-seeding.  I am particularly infatuated with poppies – yellow, orange, red.  I took this photo of a patch of grass near the Capilano University parking lot as I was returning to my car one afternoon recently.

There are sad notes too.  A baby bird crashed into our window.  It was sitting on the deck peeping soundlessly and it fluttered away as I tried to pick it up.  Eventually I put it in a container as Louise was calling the “bird lady.”  We rushed it toward the emergency facility on Broadway, but three quarters of the way there it thrashed about and when I lifted the towel to look at it, the little warbler was upside down, dead.  We returned home and put it up in a stump away from the animals.  Not far enough away, however, because when I went to look for it today, it had vanished.

So, here it is, the extremes of life in two nutshell images — bursting with energy and innocent death.Image Image