Another Brick in the Wall…

Image Sometimes my mind looks like this.  Breaking through the surface is like trying to dig my way out of prison with a spoon.  However, when I’m feeling like everything is banal and mundane, I return to my books on keeping a journal, such as Christina Baldwin’s One to One.  “There are several assumptions implicit in journal writing for self-awareness.  The first assumption is that we are capable of having a relationship with our own minds.”  This is more difficult than it sounds due to all the “noise” in our lives.  And, surprisingly, many people are just not that interested in understanding themselves!

The chaos of life means that it takes an effort to slow down and be still enough to observe and think.  If too much is happening, it’s easy to hit a wall, whether due to fatigue or frustration.  When I am really busy is precisely the most important time for me to find a few moments to write in my journal.  Otherwise I might just spin my wheels until I’m in a deep rut.  Or stay enveloped in a limbo-fog wherein I’ve forgotten why I’m here.  Nothing like a little self-reflection to find my connection to human-ness.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sherylmcdougald
    May 19, 2012 @ 23:32:38

    Focus, and re-focus – this world is a jumble. A journal, or book of ideas is a place to take my eyes off of the kaleidoscope for a moment, calm down, and enter a different zone. I need that zone, no matter where it takes me.


  2. Heather
    May 21, 2012 @ 05:51:58

    Thought provoking! What is the difference between having a relationship with oneself and having a relationship with ones mind? or are they, to some, one and the same? And when were trying to escape from jail using a spoon Sandra? lol


    • Sandra Seekins
      May 21, 2012 @ 16:56:57

      Just a metaphor Heather, just a metaphor! I guess oneself, for me, is the more surface relationship – personality, likes and dislikes, whereas the mind needs unlocking and prodding, it’s a keeper of deeper secrets.


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