Slimy Things Herald the Arrival of Spring

Slugs, and snails, and earthworms – how lovely!  It’s not just the robin puffing out its chest (and flying into windows to attack the rival male that is its own reflection), but the small things that slither and slink that announce spring is peeking ’round the corner.  Buds everywhere – crocuses and daffodils – I never used to care about such things, but now that I’m older I anticipate the brighter light and warmth to come.




I Can’t Stop Looking…

Being a very visual person, I’m always finding correspondences, putting things into categories in my head.  I have this vast tool kit of types and styles.  Sometimes, since Louise knows what kinds of things I like to photograph, it’s like she sees through her eyes with my eyes in mind.  She took this photo of railway car graffiti.