Age Appropriate Hobbies?

No, I don’t believe in such a thing.  I am nearly fifty years old and one of the things I love to do is search for vintage metal truck toys, such as the one pictured here.  I prefer not to spend more than ten dollars on an item.  I cannot answer you when you ask why I collect them.  I like the way the paint has worn off to reveal the bare metal underneath. They’ve been heavily used and have visual reminders of their own histories.  They look cool on the shelf.  Does it matter why?  We should pursue our visual interests and pay attention to where our attention is drawn.  There’s a reason why we’re captivated by certain objects or why we become nostalgic when we think about particular categories of things, even if we might not ever know what that reason is.


Art Conjures up Real Creature

     I decided to try making a linocut recently.  I started with a simple idea.  An owl. Using the tools with the required delicacy was a challenge, but I wasn’t unhappy with my first attempt. I’ve included a photo of the print here. More significant than the represented owl, however, was an actual barred owl I spotted the next day on a branch twenty yards from the back gate of my complex.  It was the middle of the afternoon and the magnificent creature was a marvelous sight.  How do owls manage to look so nonplussed, so majestic?  While I didn’t get a picture of the owl, I did take a picture of one of its feathers found on the ground nearby.

It seems that my representational homage to the owl conjured up an owl in reality.  I felt really fortunate.  I even went and got one of my neighbour’s kids to come look at it, and then two of the tradesmen who are replacing our gutters.  One of them asked: “how can that be a bird, it doesn’t look like other birds?”  I thought it was quite amusing when his coworker looked at him as if he was an idiot and said: “there are millions of species of birds…think of a penguin, think of an ostrich!”

The next linocut subject must be chosen carefully if this is the effect I am to expect.  Maybe a bear or a deer, but certainly not a cougar.