Tracks, Traces, Stuff

The weight of stuff can be heavy and oppressive. Clutter in my environment can mirror the chaos in my head. However, discovered and surprising things pull on me. Odd items found on the beach (I’m working on a photo project of Things I’ve Found on the Beach), things scarred and weathered by life and the elements, those are the types of objects I mean. It’s not nostalgia – I’ve never seen the items before  – it’s the idea that they’ve come from somewhere else with information, data, in the form of rust, barnacles, decay.  Or it could be the tracks left in the sand by animals or machinery.  We occupy space and that space is shared with organisms and with objects.  The most provocative and unsettling sculptures are often those made from society’s detritus, the cast-offs, junk, discarded and unwanted.


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