Oil Catastrophe

The word appalling must have been invented for events like this.  I can’t even look at the images of birds coated with oil without it demolishing me.  I don’t understand why it has taken so long to figure out how to stop a giant gushing pipe.  We think we know about the deep sea, but obviously we don’t know much about solving a huge problem when it is occuring underwater.  Yet, surely this type of disaster was known to be a potential reality.  Executives are so pathetic with their excuses in light of ongoing failures.  Capturing some oil is as good as it seems to get. 

I recently saw images from the NASA site — the oil can be seen clearly from far above the earth: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/oilspill

Back on the ground, people stand on as yet unmarred beaches in places like Florida…waiting.  The sense of helplessness they must feel knowing the oil is coming…

Microbes eat crude oil.  It seems to me there should be some smart scientists out there developing millions of bio-engineered oil-munching microbes.  Create life to save life.  One type of hubris to solve another type of hubris.


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