Cranberry Fields Forever

Fall09 058Fall09 048Recently Louise and I took at trip to Fort Langley for the Cranberry Festival.  There were many booths in the centre of town, and good food, including bannock made right on the spot, and a lady outside the church selling amazing baking apples and confederate pears from her own orchard (the most delicious pears I’ve ever tasted).  However, it only takes an hour or so and then the thick crowds really get to me, especially if people start to step on our dog’s tail.  What actually ended up being the best part of the day was driving out to the flooded cranberry fields and then to farmers’ fields, where we coaxed some horses and cows over.  I think Fort Langley is beautiful and could easily live there if not for the mind-numbing soul-destroying commute it would entail.  It is aesthetically speaking far superior to Langley, which has developed so fast and so extensively that it is unbearably, depressingly ugly.  There are these contrived “instant neighbourhoods” that have cultured lawns and then drop off into the surrounding builder’s rubble.  It’s like they sprang out of the ground fully formed.  They look oddly out of place, but I prefer even these artificial communities to the row upon row of alienating mall complexes.


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