The Political Landscape that is the U.S.

I’m reading The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi, contributing editor for Rolling Stone.  It’s an irreverent and tragically hilarious look at what is wrong with America.  It made me want to cry as much as laugh.  His account of how bills are written is horrifying.  Keep in mind that he wrote the book prior to Obama taking office (although he has an epilogue that deals with the 2008 campaign season). 

Here is what Taibbi writes about the “changes” brought in by Democrats in Congress: “…a Democratic Congress elected to clean up corruption and end a war will instead further the same corruption and continue the war, because that is what the people they are really beholden to expect of them.  And it that Congress debates these issues publicly at all, the debate is mainly about how best to create the appearance of real action, i.e., how best to satisfy the voters’ demand for a withdrawal without actually doing anything.”  And, even more chillingly: “When the government sees its people as the enemy, sooner or later that feeling gets to be mutual.  And that’s when the real weirdness begins.” 

The book is well worth reading, if only to laugh at his tales of joining” – actually infiltrating – the Cornerstone Church.


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