The Hole

GardenMisc09 014I took this photograph of a spectacular rock because of the hole.  I’ve been thinking about how time gets sucked away and there is so little of it left for those things that matter the most.  I’m trying to spend less time doing banal things and more time doing things that challenge my brain and motor skills or that benefit me creatively and emotionally – artwork, writing, exercising, quality time with loved ones and pets.  The hole must be avoided – it’s the void of useless pursuits, wasted time, misplaced energy, and rewardless repetitive labour (some of which is, of course, inevitable).  Explore the texture and colour of the rest of the rock, its hollows and curves, its ridges and history.  Stay focused on the surface and its beauty and bypass the blackness that is THE HOLE!


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  1. Sheryl McDougald
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 06:09:13

    …what is in the doorway? It exists because of the space not filled – as does the vase or the jar…
    and that is my Zenny comment. I learned it from Xena Warrior Princess.


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