Craving Dialogue?

The need for connection is strong when I’m trying to think through ideas.  That is when I feel social and crave dialogue.  Ideas are weak if they’ve only been tested on yourself.  To make them more robust and muscular they need the grease of numerous brains!  So, I’ve been thinking through versions and visions of democracy that utilize technologies in the most ethical and equitable ways possible.  How to find ways of creating collective thought that bypass the consumerist impulse (wherein the notion of “choice” resides)?  I have some potential to make a difference with my purchasing power…look for the bunny (no animal testing), look for organic products (and pay more for being responsible), buy local (for a smaller environmental footprint and to support local farms and businesses), shop at the thrift store for clothes (so I’m not contributing to sweatshop labour), etc.  It isn’t easy trying to be a good citizen.  But when it comes to having some real agency, I feel more powerless.


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